At Tomahawk Moving & Storage we take great pride in having the flexibility to offer moving and storage services when you need us.

Set up a time for your on-site estimate

Call Tomahawk Moving & Storage to set a date for one of our on-site estimators to survey your home and prepare an estimate of your moving cost. Show the estimator everything that is going to be moved and we will provide you with the best price possible.

Schedule your move

Check over the dates for both packing and moving. Sign the estimate after you are completely sure that you have a clear understanding of the estimate. Make sure you ask any questions that you may have.

How far in advance should I book local movers?

Note that most people move between May and September, so you’ll want to book your movers at least four weeks ahead of time. The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get the day and time that works best for you, and the more likely you are to get an experienced crew.

The least expensive days to move are Monday-Thursday. In the offseason (October-April), you can often book movers with only one to two weeks’ notice.

Average Estimated Price Range

1 Bedroom Apartment
3-5 Hours
2 Bedroom Apartment
5-7 Hours
3 Bedroom House
7-10 Hours
4 Bedroom House
10+ Hours