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We are licensed and insured and have been performing quality moves in the Metro Atlanta area since 1982. Our team of dedicated professionals treat your possessions as if they were our own. We strive to exceed customers' expectations every time we make a move, whether it is a full house/office or a single item.

  • BE AWARE - Times have changed. Many movers are quoting low rates, however charging customers with fees for add-ons like stairs, shrink wrap, tape, pads, etc. and yes, believe it or not even the truck!
  • Committed to protecting your property by packing, padding, and transporting with the care your belongings deserve.
  • We can provide packing & unpacking services with the flexibility to pack as much or as little as you want and we will take care of the rest.
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“We booked with Atlanta peach movers and they overbooked and canceled us the day before!!
Tomahawk movers were able to accommodate us last minute and boy were we lucky.
They were wonderful!!!  I recommend them whole heartily.”

“Hi Jeff, Just wanted to let you know that your moving crew was wonderful and we were
very happy with the move your company provided.
I have already started to recommend your company!”

Sheetal D.

Atlanta, Ga

“100% Satisfaction I would definitely use them again!
If you want the job done promptly and with care, Jeff, Keith and Max will take care of you!
Thank you guys, so much, you were wonderful! No complaining,
no damage, no slacking…my kind of crew! Thanks guys!


“Jeff and his guys moved all of my equipment so we could feed
11,000 Delta employees at their appreciation party.
That was a big job on an important day, thanks again!”

Atlanta Ribs

Smyrna, Ga
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Moving tips

Area Rugs

Have area rugs professionally cleaned before your move. They will return from the cleaners rolled, wrapped and ready for packing. Needless to say, low-cost smaller area rugs are easier to pack and move than large area rugs.


Bubble Wrap and plastic sheeting are two of the best tools at your disposal when it comes to safely move your furniture. Use Bubble Wrap to protect delicate wood pieces. Plastic wrap or specially designed plastic sofa covers should be used to protect your upholstered items.

House Plants

Proper packing will ensure your plants arrive healthy and intact. There are two ways to transport your plant: taking the whole thing or taking just a cutting. Either way, be sure to pack them last and unpack them first, so they stay healthy.

Heavy Items

Prepare small cardboard boxes for the heavy things found in your kitchen. Tape their bottoms with strong packing tape for added security. Arrange canned goods and glass jars and glass bottles on the bottom. Wrap in packing paper each glass kitchen item to avoid possible breakage during the move.

Fragile Items

To protect your fragile items during a move, it’s imperative to stock up on packing materials beforehand. Packing paper is the first line of defense for fragile items, so use it in abundance as a shock-absorbing layer filling up empty space inside your boxes.